2018 Championships
The 11th Donnie Burns Cup
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Hong Kong Ballroom Dancing Council Limited established in Hong Kong in 1989. For years since its inception, the Hong Kong Ballroom Dancing Council Limited (HKBDC) has played an active role in the promotion of ballroom, latin and social dancing. It is for the efforts of the HKBDC that the standard of local dancing has achieved a world status.

Hong Kong Ballroom Dancing Council Limited is the only member of World Dance Council in Hong Kong which represents professional dance teacher in fifty countries worldwise.

Dance teachers registered with member societies of Hong Kong Ballroom Dancing Council hold reaching qualifications acquired by examination.

Please join us to achieve the Professional membership.


Chief Executive Mr. Donald Tsang
(Hong Kong Governor)
poses for a photo with
President Mr. Walter Wat

Walter Wat

World Championships Adjudicator
--- Blackpool

Senior Exammer
--- N.A.T.D.(BB & LA) London

--- Hong Kong Coucnil for Accreditation of
Academic & Vocational Qualification

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Hong Kong
Ballroom Dancing
Council Ltd.
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Congratulation to our President Mr. Walter Wat Mong Kuen, first Chinese in the world within nearly 60 countries, elected as Chairman, World Social Dance Committee, World Dance Council.


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